Plastic Jesus in a Manger

The Bible is nothing but lies.
A bunch of Jews wrote it.
Church is full of hypocrites.
Christianity is no different than Islam.
There’s no such thing as a faith that can move mountains.

Just a couple of the of the comments I heard tonight, most of which were directed at me.

I’d been invited to speak to a crowd of folks at a Brasilian Christmas party, most of whom were not Christians. “Tell them the real meaning of Christmas” had been my orders from the hostess. “Oh, and they don’t know you’re going to do that.”

Great. Nothing like a sneak attack of Christianity on a bunch of unsuspecting pagans. It is always so well received in that environment.

In the Christmas Tale According to Joe, the audience got a double-barrel of real Jesus. No plastic, fake little baby Jesus in a manger. No little town of Bethlehem. No cattle lowing, no shepherds, no angels. Nope, Joe focused on the donkey dung. Literally.

And they saw the authentic Jesus.

Life throws you crap. Jesus turned it into a miracle. He can do the same for you.

They bought what I was smoking. You could have heard a pin drop.

“Now I know why I felt like I had to come to this party tonight” was the comment that confirmed that the Spirit had set this whole thing up.

That is the miracle of Christmas…


2 responses to “Plastic Jesus in a Manger

  1. Praise God brother Joe!

  2. patrickandchristy

    Great job, Joe being willing to submit to God’s calling and tell them about Jesus even though you knew it may not be well received. Great example to all Christians. Hope you and your fiesty little queen have a great New Year’s. Talk with you soon. P.

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