Can you see me now?

The old Verizon commercial that asked “Can you hear me now?” used to drive me crazy. And, it has become such an overused cliche. Their new commercials that show the “army” of support always being available to their customers is much nicer and makes more impact — wherever you go, there we are.

I’m finding that such it is with my communication with the World-Creator. Listening takes a lot of work on my part. Granted, when he speaks, it is well worth the effort and it can take on life-changing effect.

Yet, the way he’s really gotten my attention over the preceding weeks is via the visual, rather than the audible.

I’m not just talking about the obvious, such as what nature shows us. I’m talking about the way he responds to the words I speak. I say “it” and “something” happens, immediately. “Be healed,” “Be free,” “Be at peace,” “Understand,” “Help;” what is said is not the point, it is the response.


I’m continually asking myself why it wasn’t the way previously, what changed, why now?

The latest Verizon commercial with the fellow unwrapping the present and continually finding another unwrapped present in his hand is the way I feel. When the wife in the commercial says, “there’s more,” and points at the window, there is the whole army of Verizon support, smiling, sheepishly waving and simply being there.

Yeah, I can see him now. I’m especially glad that I can celebrate him being here on Thursday. I’m even more glad that I can celebrate it on Friday.


One response to “Can you see me now?

  1. Only Joe……..I love you! Who else would notice God in a Verizon commercial? It is a perfect picture of someone who is continually looking for the evidence of our Lord.

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