As Gomer would say, “For shame, for shame…”

A blog that I peruse on occasion put together an absolutely wonderful chart. I found myself in complete agreement with it. In fact, I kept hearing the words of Gomer Pyle (some of you are way too young to know Gomer, sorry) ringing in my ears, “For shame, for shame…”

I’ve got to admit, he has us. We really have done a poor job; we are privileged to walk in the fellowship of the mystery and we choose to present it as a child’s fable.

And we wonder why the non-partakers don’t want what we’re smoking…



5 responses to “As Gomer would say, “For shame, for shame…”

  1. i thank 1 difrence is thut santas presints always brake. mine did.

  2. Hi Daniel!

    Wow! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. True, he might “have us” as pertains to the evangelical Christian world on the whole. Sadly, even though his perspective on some or even most Christians may lend a credible argument, he doesn’t “have” God. The truth is that his attitude about God is as wrong as is some Christian’s.

  4. Haino, you should respond more often. I always enjoy your unique way of cutting through the crap! Even when the post is most tragic, you always make me laugh!

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