Secrets to Spiritual Power

Watchman Nee, The Normal Christian Life.

Please do not read this book. It will mess you up something fierce!

We cannot inject spiritual appetite forcibly into others; we cannot compel others to be hungry. Hunger has to be created, and it can be created in others only by those who carry with them the impressions of God. But there must also be something in us that gives release to the fragrance we have of Christ and that produces in others an awaremess of need. And that something is a willingness to yield, a breaking and a pouring out of everything to God. This is what draws others out and on to know the Lord.

And, how about this:

One faulty line of thinking that is prevalent among Christians is this: we know that justification is ours through the Lord Jesus and that it requires no work on our part, but we think sanctification is dependent on our own efforts. We know we can receive forgiveness only by our entire reliance on the Lord, yet we believe we can obtain deliverance by doing something ourselves. After salvation, the old habit of “doing” reasserts itself, and we begin our old self-efforts again. However, the Bible declares that , in both justification and sanctification, He is the doer.

Trust me, it only gets worse!


2 responses to “Secrets to Spiritual Power

  1. OK…so you’re gonna tell me that I’d get even more messed up by reading this book than I could by following the theological musings of Sensei Carr? Don’t forget I come to training at your spiritual dojo every Wednesday! LOL!

  2. I love this book. Ever wonder what he would have titled the book had we written it in 2008?

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