Busy, busy, busy…

I’ve been jumping around like a frog in a hot pan. Had our granddaughter, Norah, in over the Thanksgiving holiday and we threw everything to the wind and hunkered down to enjoy her and her parents. No one ever told me that there was this side to becoming more “mature.” I’ve got some great kids, and they seem to be giving me even greater grandkids. Thanks girls! (Jeremy, you’ve still got plenty of time — no kids till you get married!)

I’ve got a hankering for a Christmas tree at the office. Fear not! I’ve not turned in my scrooge membership card, I just like the smell.

Ran into my buddy Kelly this morning. It is always nice to be able to catch up with friends but it is even nicer when God is doing really neat stuff in and around them. I like Kelly because he is almost as old as I am! On top of that, he also has some good tunes on cassette tape and knows what eight-track tapes are.

On days like today —cold— I’m glad I’m heading to Brasil in 6 weeks!

Speaking of which, some interesting things are taking place in Ubaúna. I’m going to post some news and photos shortly. I do ask that you be praying for Mazê. She is one of our evangelists there and her mother is dying of cancer; she herself has just had some suspicions lumps removed and is encountering some terrific spiritual attacks.

My little bro’ got an iPhone! He is so cool! He also makes a very mean cranberry sauce.

My little sis is getting old! She is a grandmother now. Wow! I’m glad I’m not that old…


3 responses to “Floatin’

  1. You are still OLDER THAN ME and always will be so …….

  2. Yeah, but you’re prettier!

  3. I”ll accept that : )

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