Good grief Charlie Brown!

I don’t watch much tv (other than the Andy Griffith show — Aunt Bea had a boyfriend with bad intentions and Andy managed to encourage the boyfriend to leave without incident… my hero!). But a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving came on and I just had to watch that.

[When Lucy was encouraging Charlie Brown to kick the football and he was falling for it, I started shouting, “Don’t do it Charlie Brown, she’s going to pull the football away at the last minute!” My wife, who has never seen a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving — she’s from Brazil — asked me why I thought Lucy was going to move the ball and was surprised when Lucy did it. “How’d you know?” 🙂 ]

I got the distinct impression that this holiday season has an air of high anxiety about it. The intensity and quantiy of ads that came on over the hour I was in front of the telly gave me a sense that all stops are being pulled out to get people into the stores as early as 4:00 a.m. to spend, spend, spend. If that doesn’t occur, the darkness comes rushing in and civilization as we know it ends on December 26.

Strange, isn’t it? What is supposed to be a time of joy is being orchestrated as a time of desperation.


One response to “Good grief Charlie Brown!

  1. Dave Ramsey at Catalyst made the observation that what is causing most of this is fear. When he was in New York he felt the spirit of fear come across him and he said it has spread to Washington, DC. Last time I checked the spirit of fear does not come from the God.

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