The Language of Eden

language-of-edenI was exposed to Kevin Prosch a week ago at a conference and have found my day trips into the realm of the heavenly to be definitely enhanced by that exposure.

From his take on what worship is to the unique, eclectic and imaginative instruments used, Prosch’s music is a mix of sounds I’ve never heard before. Seriously. This isn’t your parents’ worship music; neither is it of your contemporary church.

In a live venue, It grabbed me in a manner I’ve never before experienced.

I was eager to get my hands on some of his stuff for some extended perusal and one of the first albums I picked up was “The Language of Eden.”


If ever I could say that “worship” music made me feel strange, this CD definitely did! Even more amazing (to me) is that it has captivated my wife.

I will tell you that it probably won’t be for everyone. I will also tell you that the words it evokes from me to describe it are “wild,” “spontaneous,” and “shocking.” “Out of this world” sounds too clique. A music critic I’m not, though this is as close to calling a musical production an “anointed genius” as I suppose I will come.

If you’re looking for something that has the potential of transporting you into the heavenlies, try this one on for size.


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