I can’t help you

My wife and I dropped in to a little pizza joint where you can get pizza by the slice last night after work. They’ve got a killer white pizza that goes a long way in making the tummy happy, but is light enough that you don’t revisit it a couple of hours later.

We ran into a friend of ours and his family and we chitchatted with them for a few moments before going to our table. As they left they stopped by our table for a moment to say good night. We waved them out and continued our meal.

When I called the waiter for the check, he said, “Sorry, but I can’t help you.”

Strange response.

So I asked the obvious, “why not?”

“Because your friend paid your bill.”

I’ll confess that the sense that washed over me was one of “Wow!” It made me feel good; someone was thoughtful enough to pay for my supper and that caught me off-guard.

Isn’t that the way we should be to the world around us? Because we are vessels in which the Spirit dwells, shouldn’t that power be like a .357 magnum through a Ritz cracker? Shouldn’t our presence in the world be akin to bringing a gun to a knife fight?

As an acquaintance of mine said the other day, “Christianity sucks, unless it is real.”


2 responses to “I can’t help you

  1. “Hey God, I want to pay the bill for all those sins.” “Sorry, I can’t help you. Your Friend already paid the bill.” John 15:13

  2. I agree with your acquaintance…Christianity does suck if it isn’t real…lots o’ people running around claiming to be Christian, but not living out the life in word AND deed…I challenge every Christian to LIVE it OUT (not just say they are)! Way cool that you experienced a random act of kindness…bet it made the pizza even better…

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