Does God talk like Charlton Heston?

If God were going to talk to you, how would he do it?

Would it be in a Charlton Heston, surroundsound, amplified, booming voice? Would it knock you off your feet like a lightning bolt striking a tree? Would it be so overwhelming that you’d turn into a bowl of quivering jello?

We often hear about the “small, still voice.” Would that be how God would speak to you? A quiet, raspy whisper, almost inaudible? How could you hear it if you were listening to the radio, at a ballgame or carrying on a conversation with someone else?

Does God even bother to speak to us today? Yes, I know that he speaks to us through the Word, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referencing what you and I would call real talk. Does he do that today?

If so, how would he do it?


2 responses to “Does God talk like Charlton Heston?

  1. Most of the time God’s voice sounds alot like my own. He speaks to me in a wide variety of ways…..through the Word, friends, dreams, and situations. Its really not about how He speaks, but that he does, and whether or not we are listening.

  2. Sorry! I got preachy. To answer your question……….YES! God speaks!

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