God Talk

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to have experienced God in the manner the early church did?

What happened?

The book of Acts really gets me excited. You read through it and you say, “I want to go to those churches!” The first church was an instant mega-church and every day brought something new and exciting. They lived in absolute expectation that not only was God going to show up but that he was going to interact with them–not in the way we let him interact with us today, but really interact.

I suppose there are three possibilities as to what happened:
a) God decided he doesn’t like us as much as he liked them
b) We decided we don’t like God as much as they liked him
c) We forgot/never learned how to “experience” him

What if our over-emphasis on reason, following the holy “scientific model” of cause and effect and rational extrapolation, has caused us to “forget” how to deal with the “irrational” or, heaven forbid, the supernatural?

What if we can experience church like the early Christians did? What if God does speak to us today, really speaks to us?


2 responses to “God Talk

  1. Oh man….I don’t know….supernatural church? Wouldn’t that cause us to miss our spot in line at the Golden Corral on Sunday? Expecting to have an experience with God? Let me check my blackberry calender….we might be able to fit Him in right after the first of the year, but it will have to be in the second service. If He shows up in the first service that’ll screw everything up!

  2. patrickandchristy

    I think the little church (and GFB) in Ubauna is Acts in action. I think that’s one reason I’m so drawn to the work we are doing in Brazil. I believe we’re living Acts instead of reading it or talking about it.

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