Forty-nine percent

Forty-nine percent of the New Testament contains references to spiritual (non-rational) experiences. That means if we are bound by rationalism we will effectively throw away half of New Testament Christianity.

For example, I can learn that Jesus loves me (can’t you just hear the song in your mind?). However, love is not a rational experience. If I never experience his touching my heart with that love, healing my hurts, breaking my hardness, I will never experience it. It is non-rational.

It is only when he fills me to overflowing, brings tears of joy to my eyes, touches me intimately, that I experience him in an intuitive, spiritual, non-rational, way. It is then that I fully experience the love I’ve learned about rationally.

But spirit-to-Spirit encounters with God have become far too rare in Western Christianity.

I wonder why…

2 responses to “Forty-nine percent

  1. Back when I was in seminary (known to some as the school of law or legalism), the big ol’ theological word some of my professors would use for what you are describing was “experientialism.” I have since learned that I’d much rather have my “experience” with the Spirit of God than Professor Fuzzyface’s lack of it!

  2. your so wise sensei….I’ll remember this as I was your car….wax on…wax off

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