Iraq Rewind

My son is back in Iraq again.

Our politicians continue to spew rhetoric like the sound of the southern end of a north bound mule.

Political views aside, I don’t like it when my child becomes the object of anyone’s insatiable desire for power. These politicians in particular do not make me proud to be an American or offer up my offspring as a sacrifice to their worldviews.

When I have to hold my nose while voting because the stench of my choices is overwhelming, I find that I’m also having to hold my breath because these politicians are using my son as a political pawn who could be sacrificed for their own –not national– interests.

Shame on both parties for producing such subpar, and dangerous, candidates.

How would you sleep at night if you knew your son’s life rested in their hands?


One response to “Iraq Rewind

  1. My brother. You take my own sentiments and give them new resolve. I cannot even begin to imagine the level of your concern. I am so sad for the state of our nation and the choices we are given to elect as leaders. I have never seen the lack of credibility, character, intregrity and vision in my life. Shame on the parties and shame on us for allowing it! I am voting….not proudly, but I am voting. Then someone had the audacity to send me a voters guide for Christians today! I was outraged! It led me to blog about politics and I promised myself I wouldn’t.

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