24 hours

I did something this weekend that I’ve not done in a long time.

It seems I run nonstop. Most of the times when I “get away” I’m not getting away from anything, I’m going to do something else that fully engages me. And, while useful or entertaining, these “somethings” do not give me what I find myself longing for… nothing.

I don’t mean “nothing” as in a big, fat zero. I mean time when my brain can disengage, when I don’t have to jump to answer the phone, search the internet for information or even carry on an intelligent conversation.

I read the story this morning of Solomon being asked by God what he wanted when he had first be crowned as the king of Israel after his father David had died. He asked for wisdom. In essence he asked for nothing. But it was exactly what he needed. He didn’t need equipment or resources or even more employees; he needed the ability to hear what God was telling him.

That is what I have been wanting.

This weekend I got 24 hours of it. No phone, no computer, no questions, no having to save the world. Just nothing.

The only problem is that now I REALLY want nothing…


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