Ever been really hungry?

I find that I am in that state, that season, right now. It has nothing to do with food; it has everything to do with the Spirit.

I’ve been around some fellows, all of whom are young enough to be my sons, who are also hungry. I think the hunger is mutually contagious.

As I had a conversation with God early this morning, I found that the conversation was reduced to one word; “more.”

It is an interesting state, season, to be in…


3 responses to “Hungry

  1. haha yea dad 😉 lol!!!

    Were hungry….I wonder if that is why Jesus told peter to feed his sheep….hmmm….

  2. I have found that Jesus is a lot like Chinese food. No matter how much you have right now, you’re gonna be hungry for more in just a little bit!

  3. Ummmm….hungry……ravenous! And whatever happened to the hungry thingy that you were going to do here about a month or so ago? Memba?

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