Sunday Ruminations

  • You’ve already heard me say it a couple of times and I’ll repeat it again: my setup crew on Sunday mornings at Lifepoint is the junk (that means really, really good!). I’ll put them up against any setup crew anywhere and we’ll whup their butts! Each week we’ve whittled down the time required to do our job. Today we finished in under 2 hours! Incredible!
  • What could be better than a great meal at the beach on a sunny, cool day with a beautiful woman? Beats me, cause that’s what I did this afternoon after tearing down the classrooms at Lifepoint. The queen and I spent the afternoon enjoying the food, the scenery and each other. Priceless.
  • Second service at Lifepoint seemed to have been running at an especially high level today.
  • My son is on his way back to Iraq. Pardon my cynicism, but I vote that we put Bush, McCain and Obama on that plane and let them do a tour.
  • Chocolate covered cherries from Farmer’s Market are fabulous!
  • Watched a disturbing documentary called “Uncounted.” I’m not sure if I’m glad I did or sad that I did.
  • You meet some really odd folks when you’re selling a vehicle.

One response to “Sunday Ruminations

  1. Are you selling one of your cars? I like how you had to explain the work “junk” that had me laughing. i guess a lot of old people read your blog. Oh and props to you on the beach lunch…you are more of a romantic that i thought and at the same time…gross. Cant wait to see you guys next month!

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