But they were indignant

Jesus has just done an extreme home makeover of the temple in Jerusalem. Obviously he had quite a crowd and it was quite a show. But the more interesting thing about his activity in the Temple took place in the moments after the housecleaning.

The blind and the lame came to him and he healed them there in the Temple (Matthew 21:14).

Tables lying every whichaway, doves fluttering, sheep baa-ing nervously, chaos. And the blind and the lame begin filtering in towards where Jesus was standing …and he healed them there in the Temple

Picture it! In the midst of absolute pandemonium, Jesus heals those who could care less what the establishment is. They only care that he has the answer to their calamity. Has anything really changed in all the preceding years?

And what about the Establishment? They saw these wonderful miracles; but they were indignant (verse 15).

Its easy to point a finger and accuse the of insensitivity. Its easy to say that we would have been right there in Jesus’ camp cheering him on.

But the truth of the matter is that “they” are us, aren’t they?


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