Sunday Ruminations

  • You have to be in the right frame of mind to eat Mexican. Otherwise, it leaves you feeling unfulfilled.
  • Setup and teardown in the kids’ area at Lifepoint was smokin’ today. We chopped off 30 minutes on the setup and 45 off the teardown. I’m asking for a new name badge for my crew: STUDS. “Setup and Teardown Under Duress Speedily.” I hate to repeat myself, but, you guys and gals rock!
  • Great vibe at Lifepoint today.
  • Watching a movie on your computer is an interesting experience. Did it twice this weekend. Entertaining.
  • Satan is a wily creature. Evidently all those years of experience come in real handy in tripping up those who want to follow Jesus. I’ve seen several casualties in the last few days.
  • Matthew 16-18 is making my head spin. I have every expectation that the chapters that follow will do more of the same (I still want to know who snuck in and put the content of those chapters in my Bible — it wasn’t there before!).
  • French vanilla cheesecake and Brasilian coffee is a very good combination.
  • Delta has become my favorite airlines… they now have a flight from Atlanta to Fortaleza.
  • Windows, and Microsoft, can get my dander up. Why does it have to be so difficult when Apple makes it seem so friendly (and easy)?
  • Can somebody explain to me the reason Columbus Day is a federal and state holiday? Columbus Day?
  • I’ve got an interesting week in the making… hope yours is.

One response to “Sunday Ruminations

  1. patrickandchristy

    Yea, excited about the Atlanta to Fortaleza connection. Christy flew to Atlanta last week and called excited about it.

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