He ain’t heavy, that’s my music

This past weekend was an eyeopener.

This Fires Embrace put on a benefit concert to raise money for Erin’s internship in Brasil.

  • They drove from Ohio for nothing other than their expenses — 10 hours one way!
  • Aaron Benner, the lead singer, was in pain from a kidney infection for which he had surgery on Tuesday, but still made the trip.
  • Though a heavy metal rock band, they were some of the most spiritual folks I’ve come across. My conversations with Aaron “rocked” me (pardon the pun, please!).
  • The band began with a gunshot, literally. On December 8, 2004, Aaron, the lead singer of well known central Ohio band Liquid6Teen, was stage right at a Columbus concert venue when a crazed gunman rushed the stage and began firing. When it was all over, five people were dead.
  • The Lord used this tragic event as a catalyst to a life altering change in Aaron. After months of soul-searching, Aaron felt the Lord’s calling on his life. Aaron was compelled to use his musical talents as a ministry. He left Liquid6Teen at the pinnacle of their popularity and began praying for the Lord to send him Christian musicians that shared his calling. Just a few months later those prayers were answered in the form of Marc Leist, Josh Hall, Zack Koah, and Brandon Ogilby. This five member team then became THIS FIRES EMBRACE.
  • They expressed interest in going to Brasil! I wonder how a heavy metal band might fare in Ubaúna?
  • They are full of the Spirit and winning folks to Jesus left and right.
  • Though my ears may have been vibrating at a frequency they’ve never hit before, their music was sweet because they follow the same Jesus and want to see him glorified. Their music may be heavy, but they definitely aren’t!

Thanks fellows!


One response to “He ain’t heavy, that’s my music

  1. patrickandchristy

    Man, that would be sssswwwweeeeettttt if they came with us to Brazil. They are just what this little rockin’ Jesus Caravan needs. I can just imagine our little caravan screaming down the road, Jesus at the wheel, windows down, people conversing in English, Portuguese and the Holy language of God and the band on top rockin’ it out. Awesome!!!! God is a good daddy isn’t He?

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