Sunday Ruminations

  • Heavy metal may be hard on my ears, but it appears it might be very good for my heart. This Fires Embrace impressed me beyond my capacity to express. Aaron and crew are the real deal. The benefit concert they put on to raise funds for Erin’s Brasil internship was a gesture that many wouldn’t even consider doing. Ten hours one way, little sleep, crowded conditions… that was amazing.
  • Iron Man is a movie worth watching.
  • I continue to be amazed and impressed with the desire that new follower of Jesus are portraying. I’ve never had a small group where the members were chompin’ at the bits to get their hands on the materials. Its not often that I have two-hour lunches with folks who’ve discovered what Jesus is all about. Its even got them getting out of bed before 6 am to come help set up a crazy school to be a church. Mind boggling.
  • I heard one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard this weekend.
  • After being on my feet for 7 hours last night and 8 hours this morning/afternoon, my feet hurt.
  • My setup team just gets better. We pounded it out this week with style. Fellows and gals, you absolutely rock!
  • I found out that our icemaker produces 250 pounds of ice. My arm got tired shoveling it out of the machine and into the ice chests. I sure was sorry to have to dump it all in the grass when the concert was over on Saturday night. The crazy DJs from The Edge 88.5 were having a contest to see how long they could keep their feet and hands in the ice water… first time I’ve actually seen body parts turning blue.
  • I wonder who invented coffee filters?

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