Driscoll on Spiritual Gifts

Last night I listened to part of a six-part series by Mark Driscoll on spiritual gifts. This was a series he preached a while back and I’ll admit that I was impressed with his treatment of the topic.

I’d listened to his treatment of spiritual warfare a week ago and was blown away by the depth of his experience and knowledge. I supposed I’d judged a book by its cover instead of its content and didn’t think he’d have the breadth of experience he had. If you’re the least bit interested in the topic, you owe yourself the treat to listen to all four parts.

Why do I bother to write about this?

If it impacted me, there’s a good chance it will do the same to you. I’m not a guru –far from it– but I am a typical “Joe sixpack” who is looking for the real thing. Driscoll, at least on these topics, is about as real as it gets.

Take a walk on the wild side…


One response to “Driscoll on Spiritual Gifts

  1. what u mean ur not a Guru?

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