Loose connection

I got in my car the other day to go somewhere when someone punctured a hole in the sky and what appeared to be the rain that flooded the earth in Noah’s time began to fall.

I was in a hurry. I had gotten rather wet getting in the car. I inserted my key, turned it and… nothing. No lights, no buzzing, no “you didn’t fasten your seatbelt” noise. Nothing. Multiple turns of the key, each one harder than the other (as though that would help). Ugly words sprang to the front of my cerebral cortex.

I quickly ran through multiple possiblities scattered among the rapid growth of ugly words in the gray matter: alternator, ignition, battery… Nothing made sense because it was all brand new.

Remember, I’m in a hurry.

I jump out of the car, pressing the door lock button on the way out as I shut the door. I’m now swimming vertically and see that the lock did not go down. No power. Drats! I put the key in the door lock to manually lock it. Key won’t find the hole. Drats!

Sporting my new drowned dog look, I stand on the veranda of my office looking disgustedly at my transportation.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! (I was so glad no one was around!)

Quickly grabbing a pair of pliers, I swim back to the car, pop the hood and begin tapping on the battery terminals. Shazaam! Sparks like the Fourth of July! [Note: water and electricity do not go together well]

It was merely a loose cable connection.

Just like that I’m back in business and on my way. Soaked to my underwear and madder than a, well…, wet hen, but on my way.

In a moment of solitude this morning I began thinking about that little adventure. So often when it seems I can’t get through to heaven and I am all frustrated, mad and “wet,” it is always a loose connection. Always. The remedy and the result is always the same… shazaam!


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