Sunday Ruminations a bit late

Funny thing I’ve discovered… when you’re tired its hard to write coherently.

Sunday was an interesting day. By the time it was over I was in no state to figure out what state I was in. Lots of thoughts running through the gray matter and not much of it making sense.

On Christmas Eve 2006 I posted a description of how my Sunday mornings were typically conducted. Around 6:30 a.m. I would engage in a shoving contest with folding cafeteria tables in an attempt to clear the floor of a middle school cafeteria for little kids to meet Jesus.

Twenty months later the contest is over.

What was a handful of children with a couple of adults has been transformed into more than a hundred children and hundreds upon hundreds of adults invading said middle school to the point of bursting. Sunday was the last day in the facility. We are moving to much larger accommodations at a high school.

I walked among the folded tables for a few moments before the kids began to arrive. They were folded in their upright positions, almost like soldiers standing at attention. The lights were dim; as I walked in the midst of these “beasts” that had given me such a hard time for more than 125 Sundays, it dawned on me what had actually transpired during all those months. The kids had indeed met Jesus.

Within an hour we would witness 60 people putting on Jesus in baptism. In that number were several of the children who had met him because the cafeteria tables had been manhandled from their guardian positions on the floor. Within an hour all hell would be thrown from that middle school by the power of heaven itself and there would be raucous and wild celebration of joy as people embraced the Kingdom. The enthusiasm and excitement were intoxicating.

But in that moment, alone with my foes, there was satisfaction.


4 responses to “Sunday Ruminations a bit late

  1. Got news for ya Hoss Daddy. Lots more “beasts” to move at Ashley. Bring em on dog!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey – did I see you dancing with a mop on Sunday??? 🙂

  3. Mark,

    Yeah, yeah, I know there’s 94 of those bad boys we’ve got to move around, but I understand that they are not the same kind.

    Small consolation, I know…

  4. Michelle,

    I learned those dance moves at the Fred Astaire Academay of Fine Dance. It was called the Baptismal Two-Step.

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