Sunday Ruminations

I was in Charlotte for the last three days at an event put on my Mahesh Chavda and the All Nations Church. Granted, most of you have no clue who that is nor what it was about. However, you may get a kick out of some of my ruminations on the event:

  • Mahesh is an ordained Southern Baptist pastor… go figure
  • Avoid beans, because you have friends
  • Folks possessed by a spirit of religion are in dire need of extreme doses of prune juice
  • Faithfulness brings increase (Jesus said if you are faithful with a little, then he’ll give you more)
  • Revival is dependent on an open heaven; get away from the side issues that occupy your time and move to the spot where God has opened the heavens
  • The more you bask in Him, the more you change
  • God asks us questions, not because he doesn’t know the answers, but to invite us into special opportunities and blessings
  • Any true believer has a multiple personality disorder — our carnal, fleshly personality and that of the Spirit
  • Some of us need to get over our prune faces and laugh!
  • Mahesh was baptized in gorilla urine while in the jungles of the Congo (it wasn’t a religious ritual, the gorillas in the trees were mad at the intruders)
  • I believe that some people will probably sleep through the return of Jesus
  • The first place the enemy will attack you is in your praise
  • God is a builder
  • Now is the time of the greatest transfer and creation of wealth for kingdom building since the beginning of creation
  • Desperation is necessary to overcome any storm in your life
  • If we circumvent the cross we will end up in heresy
  • Be sure you’re operating from convictions and not from opinions

I guess you would have had to have been there…


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