Steven Furtick.

Seems you’ll either love him or hate him (which I find interesting in and of itself), that is, IF you’ve ever heard of him. If you’ve not heard of him, you might keep your ears open because you probably will be hearing of him. During a recent series of sermons he publicly stated that he desired to see 1000 people become believers over a several week period… and 900 took him up on it. Obviously he didn’t do it, but his leadership capability and his relationship with Jesus was significant enough that the members of Elevation Church (church that he planted two years ago) got fired up and started sharing their own faith in a big way. End result? 900 new believers.


Oh, I forgot to mention that the little church he planted two years ago now numbers around 4000. Two years!

I like what he is doing with Elevation Church in Charlotte and he’ll sometimes put up a post that really grabs my attention.

This one, posted yesterday, was one such post.

I hope it strikes a cord with you, too…


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