For lack of a garage door opener

Recently a lady pulling out of a parking space failed to see the big brown car parked next to her and proceeded to “kiss” it with her front bumper. That big brown car happened to be mine. The “kiss” produced $400 of damage. My car is now on vacation at the local body shop.

I forgot to take the garage door opener out of the car.

I never realized how important that little piece of rectangular plastic was. If I leave early (and don’t want to wake my wife), I have to open the garage, back my car out of the garage, reenter the garage to close the garage door, go into the house, go out the front door and fiddle with two separate keys to lock the door and the storm door. When I arrive home (heaven forbid that I should arrive first!), I have to call my wife on the phone and ask her to open the garage door. Otherwise, I have to get out of the car and either unlock two doors or ring the doorbell (that always makes me feel rather silly — ringing the doorbell at my own home).

My level of frustration runs high.

Like most things these days, my current plight got me to thinking…

Could it be that God views us as folks who’ve left their garage door opener somewhere else?

I mean, he gives us everything we need to access the heavenly realms, including the garage door opener. That means we don’t even have to get out of our cars to pull into an existence that is mind-boggling; or, perhaps more specifically, he provides us with a means to access faith, grace and an abundant life both here and now as well as in the next life. He offers us an excellent “how to” manual, a direct line of communication with him and even an organization solely dedicated to helping us, much like the AAA.

But we often drive off without the thing that allows us to access and have it all… the garage door opener (more affectionately known as the Spirit).

Such a shame, isn’t it? For lack of a garage door opener we have to do a whole lot more than we’d have to otherwise do and don’t get anything to show for it, except frustration.

Perhaps I’ll make a trip back to the body shop before my vehicle is ready…


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