It’s not about me?

Sometimes things become such a part of you that it is difficult to see things from a different and objective perspective. Sometimes this subjective vision of your world is distorted (e.g., “I am the most handsome man on the face of the earth”), sometimes it can be right on (e.g., “My wife is the best!”), and sometimes it can straddle the line (e.g., “Maybe Obama should have chosen Hillary”).

Regardless of the nature of your view, the point of view of others can be enlightening. Such is the case with this particular post. Besides the insight Patrick brings to the table, he’s got lots of pictures!

Patrick is a buddy of mine who has been smitten by the Brasilian love bug and has been smacked with a Holy Spirit fast ball. Though he has a serious personality flaw that causes him to go into wild contortions when he sees anything that he considers to be “Tar Heel blue” (and actually ruined his life by causing him to go to UNC and attempt to get an education); but that aside, I think you’ll enjoy what he has penned.


2 responses to “It’s not about me?

  1. patrickandchristy

    Joe, you know I can’t go against God himself! It clearly states in the Old Testament in Genesis that God is a Tar Heel….

    “Then God created the Sky, to be in the color of North Carolina Tar Heel blue, for the Lord loves the Heels with all His heart, all His soul and all his strength.”

    At least that’s the translation I came came up with.

    Thanks Joe! We love and miss you guys.

  2. Patrick, I believe that translation is not a paraphrase but is dynamically precise. God must be a Tarheel or He would never had allowed Michael Jordan to attend there.

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