Found five bucks

Stopped at a gas station. Went in to pay and saw a five dollar bill on the sidewalk. Immediately I thought that this was a gag, or was one of those religious tracts printed to look like half of a five dollar bill but when you pick it up it says I really need Jesus, not the $5. So I didn’t pick it up.

As I started out, I decided, ok, what’s the worse that can happen? It be tied to fishing line and somebody jerk it and film me looking stupid? So I picked it up and it was real.

I turned around, went back in, handed it to the clerk and said, “Somebody dropped this.”

The look on her face was incredible (and worth ponying up the five bucks!). Really. Her mouth dropped open, her eyes were as wide as the proverbial saucers and she exclaimed: “Oh my gawd! I’ve NEVER seen anybody do that!” [referencing bringing the $5 in]

While not quite in the category of doing “greater things” than Jesus, it did bring to mind the concept of the Kingdom of Heaven forcefully advancing, and violent people are attacking it.

We are expected to do the unexpected…


4 responses to “Found five bucks

  1. i thank thut 5 dollurs wus mine. did it hav Abriham Lickuns pitchur on it wid sum purty bildins-yeh dat wus min
    thenk yew

  2. finding 5 bucks on the floor, free

    returning the 5 bucks, awesome

    the look on the clerks face, priceless.

    There are somethings money can buy, but with everything else… there is sanctification.


    Have a blessed day joe.

  3. patrickandchristy

    Hey Joe, you’re giving all us “heathens” that pick it up and place it neatly into our wallets a bad name! Good job my brother but let’s not get carried away with this. I think this is fine to do up to…say “$20” but anything over should be able to be kept without that blasted “Christian guilt” harassing us. We’ll just look at anything over $20 as a “blessing from God” and keep it. LOL.

  4. Thats about 3 Mountain Dews right there 🙂

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