Late Saturday Night Posts

I’ve noticed that if I want to say something, but really don’t want people to see that I’ve said it, I need to post it on Saturday night.

The stats go down on the weekend, Saturday night is a dead zone, and often the post is totally ignored.

So, knowing the parameters, and after a day of interesting conversations with folks, let me state this…

Folks struggle with the concept of the “presence of God.” To some, God seems like a million miles away most of the time. Others are so obsessed with “feeling” God that they will attend endless meetings and “revivals” seeking a special touch from him. Some simply think he is a mean bastard jerking our chains for his own perverse pleasures and he may do that up close or far away.

For us to know or not has nothing at all to do with whether God is actually here or not. Our flaw is that we don’t think God is good. If we were able to know that he was good and that everything that happens is covered by his goodness, we would trust him. And that trust would occur even though we didn’t understand what he was doing and no matter the circumstances.

But we don’t.

And that leaves many of us less than confident.

My two cents worth?

God isn’t some kind of a bully or some self-centered, egotistical, demanding little deity who only insists on having things his way under some false pretense of “free will.” He is good and only desires what is best for us. He doesn’t justify evil, he redeems it. He doesn’t “predestine” our response, but will use every choice we make for the ultimate good.

Yep. The conversations today were a bit deep…


One response to “Late Saturday Night Posts

  1. I forgot how I came upon your blog and I’m glad I did. It really is deep, but praise God that talks like that mold our thinking. If we could just focus on Christ and His work for us (as in knowing Him and making Him known), then I’m wondering, would thinking like this matter?

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