I wonder where I left my pen?

I don’t remember ever having so many “ah ha” moments as I’ve been experiencing recently.

I distinctly remember hearing that as you get older you become less mentally astute. I can atest that, as I’ve stood in the middle of a room desperately trying to remember why in the world I came into the room, I’m beginning to believe there might be some truth to it.

But this almost continual surprise at what I’m discovering as I read the Word, while exciting, is mildly disconcerting. You see, I KNOW I’ve already read it; it is something my eyes have crossed over on numerous occasions. So why does it catch me off guard? I’ve felt like the old doctor whose nurse asked him, “Doctor, why do you have a thermometer stuck behind you ear?” To which he replied, “I wonder where I left my pen?”

This morning it happened again. Reading here, it was as though the light came on for the first time. This was poinently so with the first sentence. Excuse me, but this isn’t some new revelation, but it was as though I finally understood it with its true intent for the first time.

My dad tells me that one of the benefits of getting older is that you can watch the same movie rerun each week and enjoy it all over again like the first time you saw it because you don’t remember having seen it before.

I guess I’m either becoming more senile or I’m finally becoming more open to the Spirit’s guidance.

My vote is for the latter…


3 responses to “I wonder where I left my pen?

  1. I am going to have to start a “I hate Joe Carr” blog now since I cant’ seem to not check your site everyday to see what’s new.

    I’m hooked, thanks for the posts.

  2. funny how you totaly wipe out everything that has anything negative

  3. Listen, I really wanted to say something about this blog…………what I really want to say……….ummmm….wait a sec, I need to go back and read the blog again. I forgot what it was about so I can’t remember what I was going to say. Oh I know…..Joe is there a vitamin I can take to help me with my memory?

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