Sunday Ruminations

  • From the standpoint of days, today was a beautiful one, not too hot, sunny, nice breeze. One of the perks of living in a coastal town, I suppose.
  • I continue to be shocked at how important and difficult forgiveness is. People are suffering incredibly because they refuse to extend it AND find themselves thinking they don’t deserve God’s forgiveness. Satan has put together a fabulous ad campaign… most Christians have bought into it without reservation.
  • Grace is just as bad. Non-believers find the concept foreign, believers don’t seem to have a clue. Seems that what we smoke and what we’re selling is two different things, almost as though we have a split personality. The Starting Point class has been smokin’… hopefully it is shaking people up!
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza at Rucker John’s is a keeper. Ranks up there with their grilled grouper sandwich.
  • Pastor John from Southside is following me. Either he thinks I have good tastes in restaurants or he is starting a Joe Carr fan club.
  • I’m concerned about Pastor Jeff. He’s riding around on a big Harley pretending to be grownup. He’s too young to be going through a mid-life crisis…
  • I’m proud of my kids — Tabitha, Jessica, Jeremy… I love you.
  • Folks at Lifepoint today… could you feel it?
  • Tough love is exactly that — tough. I don’t like having to exercise it but I know it is necessary.
  • Sometimes things that are right under your nose escape your attention. Children grow up quickly and suddenly you realize that they’ve gotten big. The same is true of people as they mature in the faith.

Have an interesting week!


2 responses to “Sunday Ruminations

  1. patrickandchristy

    Forgiveness is at the root of our spiritual growth and maturity….do we accept the forgiveness that God has extended to us and do we forgive others. Our ability to forgive or accept forgiveness is so intertwined we our level of faith and spiritual maturity that we cannot separate them. We can’t say, “I accept that God has forgiven me but I do not forgive my brother or my sister” or vice-versa.

    I have spoken with people recently that are struggling mightily with forgiveness. They want to know, “How do I forgive.” First, I refer them to the Bible and what God has already taught us about forgiveness. If we do this then we will know all we need to know to forgive and accept forgiveness. Then I tell them, “You simply do. Give it to God. This is His burden to carry, not yours.” Now, I know that some will say “Oh, it’s just not that easy.” I say, “Yes, it is.” I do it all the time and I can tell you that I’m not weighted down by this spirit of unforgiveness. All we need is God, His Word and open spirits. No need to write pages full of psychobabble-filled rhetoric about how this hurt me, or why I shouldn’t forgive you or blah, blah, blah….

    So stop wasting money on therapists and turn to the Great Counselor, the Great Healer, the Great Forgiver…it’s free and life-changing.

  2. Definitely following you. Thought that’s what Twitter is all about. . .

    Na, just #1 fans of the Carmeister,


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