Walking on Water

Ever read the passage about Peter walking on the water?

Of course you have!

Did you realize that in the other two accounts of the same story (Mark 6 and John 6) that Peter hopping out of the boat and taking a stroll isn’t mentioned? I was amazed to discover that Jesus hadn’t even intended to stop and get in the boat with the disciples; he fully intended to pass them by and book on over to the other side of the lake (Mark 6).

We always assume that Peter’s faith in who Jesus was allowed him to jump out of the boat and walk on the water, right?

What if it wasn’t?

All three accounts say that none of the disciples could determine that the “ghost” they saw was Jesus. All three say that they were “terrified.”

So, what made Peter jump out of the boat?

Peter hears Jesus’ voice, and he seems to recognize it as belonging to Jesus, but he can’t see him. It is dark, a storm is raging; he isn’t sure at all that he trusts his ears. In great doubt he asks, “if it’s really you…”

Did Peter have a strong faith in Jesus that enabled him to walk on the water?

The text says he didn’t: “You have so little faith.”

So, what’s going on here?

What was Peter’s faith in and why did Jesus call it a “little faith” and further ask him: “Why did you doubt me?” What allowed him to walk on the water?

Sorry, don’t have the answer; I’m pondering the whole thing…


4 responses to “Walking on Water

  1. I think Peter got outan da boat cuz he wus a redy, fire, aim kinda guy. I dont no nuthin bout if he sank cuz he los his faath in Jesus. I dont thank he stoped beleevin in Jesus, Mabe it wuz cuz he loss his faath in the powar that Jesus wus lettin him have som of cuz mabe he dinnt think it wus for him or mabe he thot dat he dinnt have anuff of it, or mabe he jes coodnt swim an got reel nurvos. I dont now, cuz i

    Haino Kemis

  2. Peter’s “little” faith was indeed in Jesus ability to command him to come. He just got distracted by the wind and the waves and took his eyes (faith) off of Jesus. Note: The NLT poorly translates adding “me” to what Peter doubted. It was not that Peter doubted Jesus because it was Jesus whom he cried out to saying “Lord, save me!” It was Peter’s momentary circumstances that caused his doubt. That is why we cannot afford even for a split second to listen to the noise of the Enemy over the command of our Lord. And don’t miss the eleven who were cowering between the gunnels and would have riden the boat to the bottom of the lake.

  3. Also, I have never heard Jesus words as a rebuke toward Peter. Rather, I hear the manner of a daddy teaching his child to ride a bike and after the umpteenth attempt, he says, “Oh wow! You almost had it that time! Why did you stop pedaling?”

  4. It seems we are wrestling with the same stuff!

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