The Stone Slinger

I just reread the story of David and Goliath. I think somebody (or Someone) changed the story around! I am astounded at what I just read…

  • David didn’t go looking for a fight or a giant, and he found both
  • David actually found a giant while looking for fame and fortune
  • Saul was either:
         a) a desperate man
         b) an outsourcing genius
         c) a great talent scout
  • David had some big ones!
  • David’s training showed – he could run, load a sling and fire
  • The stone only stunned the giant. David still had to go over to him, pull his sword out and kill him with it

Who keeps rewriting my Bible?


2 responses to “The Stone Slinger

  1. Is that supposed to be funny???

  2. Interesting, a few chapters later, David wants the sword of the slain giant. Why? He said there was none like it. There’s wisdom in reminding ourselves how things didn’t turn out! How many more times was David reminded of the hand of God in his life by the impossible?

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