I’m now a full week into integrating my Macbook into my routine and my observations to this point:

  • Mighty Mouse” was definitely invented in heaven! Wow! Thanks Jeff. This little device has made my crossover from PC habits much easier.
  • I’m not so sure yet about the cute, sexy, wireless, little keyboard that goes by the unassuming name of “Wireless Keyboard.” My big ‘ol hands are still fumbling on it.
  • One thing about Macs, performance issues aside, I’ll have to admit that the word I think more of when referencing the hardware is “sexy.” “Uberkool” would be a close second.
  • Running Windows on Leopard almost feels like violating something ethereal. VM Fusion does a really good job of seamless integrating the two, with the exception of networking. Honestly, I think the shortcoming is my fault, not the software’s. Gotta spend some more time on it, which I haven’t properly done yet.
  • I need to win the scratchoff lottery so I can buy all my Adobe products for the Mac! They run great through Fusion; I just want to run them native.
  • Where is the stupid “Delete” key that you don’t have to put at the end of the item to be deleted? Could it be that the Mac only has the single Delete key? Help me out here!
  • And what about the “Home” and “End” keys? Surely they are somewhere hidden on the keyboard.
  • Why is the Portuguese keyboard layout different than that on Windows? Again, I’m perplexed. Did they set out to make it difficult on purpose? That is another small, but serious, oversight. Most foreigners will be typing on Windows-based keyboards in their homelands, not Mac.
  • I re-remember what it is like to walk into a computer store and find no appreciable quantity of Mac software or accessories. This hasn’t changed in the ten years.
  • I like extended battery time! That is going to make long trips on airplanes to Brasil much more productive.
Bottom line, at least to this point, I’m pleased.

One response to “Mac-able

  1. You’ll get to know the “function” button well. It’s the one in the lower left hand corner. Push and hold function while you push the delete button and it will give you the “delete” that you are looking for. The same is true with “end” and “home”. If you need help, the MAC helper is awesome. Type in keyboard shortcuts… it will speed your transition even faster.

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