Kudos where due

Mac Connections gets a 5-star rating from this ol’ fellow.

My brand, spanking new Macbook bites the dust in less than a week. A call to tech support at Mac Connections yesterday produced a “you don’t deserve that” response. This morning I had a new, sexy, black Macbook in my hands.

That is what I call good customer service!


7 responses to “Kudos where due

  1. Welcome back to the Mac World. You got your election back LOL!

  2. Yo, can’t believe my old man is cooler than me??So unfair, that you have a cool Apple and all I have is my big, fatty, ole’ PC. This whole thing is so wrong…..
    And yes, I too think my kids are way the cutest kids on the planet! Did you hear that in less than a month all the cute kids will have a club meeting here in Seattle? (ie- Norah is coming for a visit!!)

  3. dad,
    your kind of an old guy you think you can keep up with the mac world? just kidding i forgot you are a computer king. oh and your mac should have a built in webcam so now we can chat with you on skype!

  4. Dang! Both my girls at once! I’m honored, really. Yes, I understand it is hard to believe, but the ol’ dad can actually be trendy on occasions.

    I’m also quite jealous about the upcoming Kute Kids Convention in Seattle. Pictures will be forthcoming, right?

  5. Congrats on the new Mac…. Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back!

  6. I was in Macs while you were in diapers! Really 🙂

    I had my hands on one of the very first, orginal Macs all the way down in Brazil and have logged thousands upon thousands of hours on them since then. When I got out of the graphics industry in ’98 I got out of Macs.

    I’ve longed for them over the intervening 10 years but my world had gone PC.

    Finally, I’m back to my true love…

  7. Joe,

    I”m so glad to read about your great experience with MacConnection.com. I work for their e-commerce team, and it’s such a great feeling to read when customers blog about great experiences they’ve had working with us.

    Despite the problems you had, I’m glad to see the quick response you got from our Customer Service team. They’re a dedicated crew that take great pride in what they do and do everything they can to solve the customer problems that come their way (including replacing lemons like the one you experienced).

    Glad to see you’re back up and running, and best of luck with your new MacBook!

    All the best,

    Seth B

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