The ease and convenience of Macs?


So, I took the plunge and reentered the Apple Mac world with the recent purchase of a Macbook. Sexy looking machine.

Unfotunately, it didn’t work. After 5 frustrating days of a Macbook with a dark screen in permanent sleep mode, it is now on a UPS truck going back to where it came from. Supposedly a cousin is on another UPS truck heading in my direction. The tech’s final words on the phone: “Sucks, huh?”

Well, yeah…

In my research –on a PC!!!– I discovered that the problem I experienced isn’t a fluke. It is a well-known problem that Apple is not addressing.

And I thought that I was escaping that problem…



5 responses to “The ease and convenience of Macs?

  1. Joe, be careful. If you bash the Mac, the men in little white coats come knocking. There is a reason for the white that Apple uses.

    With that said, I love Mac’s. But heck, I am a filmmaker, I already have been brain washed.

  2. Ya know I had a smart remark to make, but then it occured to me that a brother is experiencing misery and needs his computer. Two letters from the alphabet……………you know what they are.

  3. patrickandchristy

    Don’t let John read this. He may disown knowing you and slash your tires.

  4. I am so disappointed Joe!!!

  5. Dude…im sending my computer back cause the screen wont come on. First they were saying software issue, couldnt be sent back to be fixed…now with the screen staying black…they are going to fix it!! Right on.

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