AT&T is weird

I don’t like AT&T.

They have done me very dirty and cost me lots of money. In fact, I feel that they blantantly robbed me of a large sum of money. I will no longer have AT&T as a carrier for office or home service. In fact, I ditched them almost a year ago.

My cell phone coverage, unfortunately, is still with them. I used to have Cingular but they were bought out by my nemesis. I plan on rectifying that shortly.

But, in the meantime, text and voice messages have been really weird. I just got 8 texts that were sent to me last Sunday, 4 sent on Monday, 4 sent on Tuesday and 3 from yesterday. They came in at 10:00 last night. My phone sounded like an alien being with all the beeping it did when they came in. To top that off, a slew of voicemails just came in and they date back to Monday.

Like I said, AT&T is weird…


One response to “AT&T is weird

  1. What can I say!!!

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