Tenth Avenue North

A month or so ago I came across a group I’d never heard of before. I understand that just because I’ve not heard of them before doesn’t mean squat. To me, my discovery was a revelation that brought a smile to my lips.

Strange name: Tenth Avenue North.

I picked up their latest CD right before heading to Brasil and listened to it almost non-stop down and back. It is still the number one group I’m listening to on my iPod and iTunes.

For some reason their main vocalist makes me think of Brad Barbour… that is really strange.

Take a listen on their myspace page — let me know what you think…


4 responses to “Tenth Avenue North

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  2. Theres one song that I cant stop listening to them by them, I actually have it on my myspace…Hold My Heart. Thats where I feel like I am, what Im asking, what Im feeling. I havent even listened to the other songs theyve written, but im sure i eventually will. But for now, im stuck on this one. Thanks for introducing me to them!!

  3. I just added them to my “space”

  4. +100. Respect. 😉

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