Life changing

Doesn’t it seem ironical that a trip of 5,000 miles will produce change in folks that they should have been able to experience in their own backyard?

I’m hearing from many who went on this last trip to Brasil how they’ve been radically transformed by the events they experienced on the trip. This is life changing stuff, not your typical, everyday, run of the mill type of stuff. Its quite exciting.

I lament that they (and me) and anyone else looking for spiritual transformation have to go to a place like Ubaúna in order to start the process. Maybe that speaks to the issue at hand here in the U.S. of how we take God-stuff so for granted. The power is the same, the venue is different.



2 responses to “Life changing

  1. patrickandchristy

    Christy and I have talked about this a lot since our first trip. Each trip changes us more and grows our faith because we EXPERIENCE GOD, EXPERIENCE CHRIST, EXPERIENCE GOD’S WORD AND HIS TRUTH and SEE IT PUT INTO ACTION while in Brazil. Many times we feel as if we just learn about and hear about things of God at home. We’re taught to quench the Spirit, to place timeframes and boundaries on the Spirit here, and we’re told about the things of God that don’t exist today (in some experts opinion) instead of told and taught about the unlimited and powerful authority that we have in Christ and still exists today.

    It’s as if the true Glory and Power of Christ have been roped off here in the U.S. to be viewed more like an exhibit in a museum than a gift to be claimed and used to reach lost souls and wage spiritual warfare against Satan himself.

    I don’t know….it just shouldn’t be this way.

  2. Hey Mr Carr (Joe?)… found your blog through somebody else’s (Travis, John?) and have been pouring over it.

    I love what God is doing in Brazil and through our church. We joined Southside in 2004 – I remember the first time you talked to the church back then about your trip to Brazil… I remember wondering what God was going to do there…. and I think it’s SO awesome what has happened in 4 years. 4 years flew by. I am SO pumped to see what comes next!

    I have been praying for open hearts for willing bodies to just listen to Him…I don’t know in what area He is leading me to help at this point — but right now my focus is just in abiding in Him daily – and I know as long as I’m with Him – then I will go where I’m supposed to….

    ANYWAY – I didn’t mean to say all that. I just wanted to ‘stop by’ and let you know I’m excited for you and I am more than excited to see what God does with us, this church, this community, this country. He is building up His army!

    I have kept a blog since early 2007 — but am just now ending that part of my life – but I’m SO thankful you all have them! I follow a lot of christian friends through and it has been wonderful for a stay at home mom to be able to connect to so many missions/leaders all over the world! 🙂 I’m excited to be able to journey with you all as I fulfill my role in my home.

    THANKS so much for all you’re doing. Thanks for being willing to say God, I’m here! I’m willing! 🙂

    I am commenting on this specific blog entry because I think it’s particularly powerful!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been experiencing a spiritual transformation in my own ‘simple’ stay at home mom life in the past year – I didn’t have to “do” anything to let it happen or go anywhere —- but just let Him do what He wanted to!!! 🙂 He IS truly everywhere and I have come to realize that He isn’t waiting for me to DO anything — He has just been waiting for me to let Him!

    God bless 🙂

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