Followed by whirlwinds

The whole trip to Brasil was something akin to living in a whirlwind.

All sorts of activity —physical and spiritual— were whirling around us at high intensity. It is exciting, but quite tiring, exhausting actually. You anticipate returning home for a respite from the constant bombardment to your senses and emotional state.

Its just that sometimes, more often recently than not, the whirlwind follows you home and is happily waiting for you when you open your eyes in the morning, like a puppy that is sitting beside your bed patiently waiting for any sign of life coming from you before pouncing on you, ready to play.

I’m beginning to think that whirlwinds are a normal way of life…


One response to “Followed by whirlwinds

  1. O meu amigo, Senhor Jesus está trabalhando. Confiança nele.

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