Why would the Creator of the universe use someone like me? Why would he want to?

If you’ve never asked that question before I’d suggest you take a long, hard look at where you are right now in your life. Until you’ve been forced to ask that question, you’ve not experienced life.

I’m sitting here, absolutely awed in what God has started on this last excursion to Brasil. The doors that have been opened, the people who have been changed, the difference that has been made in the lives of folks who only a week before did not know these strange gringos who came stomping and hollering into their lives.

There is a severely abused child in the Brazilian desert who experienced true, unfettered love for the first time in her life. There is a pastor in the same region who was discouraged and now is charged up. There are Americans who had their own agendas in mind who are today humbled and awed at the power and love of the Almighty.

Why would he use me to be the catalyst in this? Aren’t there people far more qualified, far more spiritual, far more connected that he could have used? Why me?

I’m not deserving… and that is why I’m humbled. He wants me. Amazing.


One response to “Humbled

  1. Simple really why He used us. We said “Yes”. Amazing. That is all He asks of us. He’ll do the rest.

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