Ever experienced brain overload?

That’s what I’m going through at the moment. The trip has been intense; sleep has been little; emotions have been tripping the light fantastic. I’ve seen miracles take place in front of my eyes, demons expelled with fanfare, held children who’ve been horribly abused, had conversations with drunks, experienced mosquitos attacking in hordes and seen a little kitten nursing from a dog… my brain says “time out!”

Many years ago while in college, I had a professor who said the brain was an amazing computer. If you simply put the data in and give it a few days to percolate, it will put everything together in proper order and spit out a finished document. I was always afraid to try that while in college but discovered that it worked rather well while in graduate school.

I’ve got to give the brain a chance to do that now. Way too much information to make sense of… I need to percolate.


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