Here’s a quick update on last night’s service… it smoked!

It was all I could do to not blow up like a toad with pride and excitement last night. The building was not only packed, it backed up into the street. The best count we could get was around 146, but, this was a “moving” audience and it is harder to hit a moving target. The maximum seated capacity for the building is 100…

The invitation to be prayed for and to accept Jesus brought an astonishing 35 people down to the front. Pastor Julio, who was preaching, called me up to pray for their healing. Talk about heady moments! Someone told me that I really shucked the corn (I think that is good).

The American-Brazilian team sang like crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such enthusiastic singing — both the team and the congregation were blowing it out.

It was so hot, physically, that I thought I was going to be smokin’ like a fire. Small space, lots of bodies, equator heat… tough combination!

The service went about two hours and spilled over another hour with visiting, praying, healings and even Bible studies taking place.

This was one serious church service!


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