It’s back…

The interesting phenomena that has never ceased to amaze me is how things happen prior to a trip to Ubaúna.

The day started off early with a phone call and has been nonstop, and, it is not even 11:00 a.m. Lots of folks are being slammed by the Evil One and he, in turn, is chunking all sorts of monkey wrenches in my gears. It’s kinda comical to think I might be partially responsible for several folks’ “problems” because I’m heading south tomorrow.

So, in fairness to the whole world, let me apologize if you’re having a bad day today… it’s probably my fault.

Pardon me, gotta run, just had another monkey wrench thrown in my direction…


2 responses to “It’s back…

  1. note to self, dont visit Joe in office day b4 Brazil lol!!

  2. Yessirree! It’ll make your head spin around and cause you to projectile vomit, or something like that…

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