Sunday night before leaving Tuesday night…

Today was a long day…

…but a good one!

Things were cranking at Lifepoint today. Seriously, it isn’t typical to worship God by beating on metal trashcans, having a Jimmy Hendrixish electric guitar national anthem and having humvees and soldiers running around… but we did! And the energy that was generated was electric!

Meetings on Sunday afternoons don’t normally rate high up on my favorite thing to do list. Today did! The energy behind the planning that drives Lifepoint is amazing. If you are a Lifepointer, know that the near future holds some activity that will rock Monkey Junction. We are serious about taking Wilmington for Jesus — if it were easy, it would have been done long ago. How does that expression go… “when the going gets tough…?”

I’m proud of our team. A little spiritual challenge this afternoon was met with gusto and bravado by several of your leaders. In case you didn’t know it, Lifepoint’s leadership takes Kingdom growth seriously!

Finally, my day is concluding with packing the last of the bags for Brasil. We’re leaving Tuesday evening and I’ve managed to fill up 9 duffle bags with teaching materials and clothing. They weigh in at a whopping 600 pounds! That would make the gospel a heavyweight in my book.

Time to put this day to bed…


One response to “Sunday night before leaving Tuesday night…

  1. I forgot to ask… did you ever find the mysteriously missing duffle bags?

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