T -5

Rambling thoughts:

  • This time next week we’ll be checking into the Hotel Beira Mar!
  • I hope my “dirty dozen” are ready
  • Check out this video put together by Travis on Ubaúna
  • How do I fit 500lbs of clothes into suitcases?
  • I miss my wife!
  • I’m glad tomorrow is a holiday
  • Does a blueberry muffin, a piece of pizza and macaroni classify as a meal? (did I mention that I miss my wife?)
  • I’ve got great kids!
  • My kids have assembled some really neat grandkids
  • Why do I keep thinking about palm trees and drinking an ice cold coconut?

2 responses to “T -5

  1. patrickandchristy

    Let’s make it a date. One group of Jesus Freaks (that’s good), palm trees on beach and lots of coconuts! Man, that’s living. Is God good or what?

  2. uuh, 84 dugrees, 58 purcent humitidy, 14 mpg winds, yall goin onna vacatshun? hope yu don git sunburnt.

    unles its fer Jesus.

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