I spend more hours than I care to confess in the mall on Saturday (yes, it still hurts). As a result, I made the following observations…

  • People come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Fashion is subjective (if I had worn some of the things I saw, my mother would have spanked me!).
  • Some people can have fun doing the oddest things.
  • Mall food always looks better behind the glass.
  • Is rudeness a mall necessity?
  • Since when did purple and lime green hair become popular? And why?
  • I get nervous every time I leave a store, fearing the security alarm will go off and the mall police will swarm down on me.
  • Why do the mall security guards walk around in two’s?
  • Why do they wear those big police gun belts with nothing on them?
  • Shouldn’t there be an obligatory book store in the mall?
  • I’m insanely attracted to the yellow kiddie helicopter. Do I need professional help?
  • Adirondack chairs in the middle of the mall (good idea!).
  • Women can go in a store and browse for two hours without buying a thing… how is that possible?
  • Home Depot, Staples and Best Buy should be required to have a branch at the mall.
  • Malls and men do not mix well…



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