An aside…

I had a great visit with a most interesting fellow last night (Thanks, Mike!)

The conversation reiterated what I’ve mentioned on so many occasions: Christians aren’t doing a very good job of selling what they’re smoking. Or, perhaps they are doing too good of a job… its just that what they’re smoking isn’t what they say it is.

Let me give an aside to my fellow believers: Please understand that you have available to you the most precious and important commodity the world has ever known. You are the ONLY thing that can show people who do not have what you have the value/benefit of Jesus. It isn’t necessary to prove anything… just be Jesus. You don’t have to convince, argue, debate. Most folks would be willing to do just about anything to have what you have, IF they can only see it as it really is.


One response to “An aside…

  1. patrickandchristy

    Amen Brother Joe! Amen. Preach it a little more.

    How have we missed this simple point. I have witnessed more to people with greater impact without even saying a word, just by acting (at least to the best of my limited ability) as if Christ actually lives within me (He really does.) See soon. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait. This is going to be a good one.

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