What does the Lone Ranger look like without his mask?

Ever thought about the life that Tonto must have lived?

Day in and day out, for year after year, he rode with Kimosabe as a loyal sidekick. But did the Lone Ranger ever take his mask off? Would Tonto recognize him if he ran into him downtown when he was off duty? Or did the Lone Ranger keep up his persona at all times, not even letting sunlight hit his masked countenance?

Do you ever look around and feel like all of your “kimosabes” are masked individuals you don’t really know? Superficiality is a skill that most of us have mastered. Back in the days of “yesteryear,” friendship was more than just skin deep.

Developing true friendship from acquaintances takes a lot of effort. But on those days when the going is tough, it is such a blessing to be able to call on them and know that you’ll get a genuine response.

By yourself you’re unprotected.
With a friend you can face the worst.
Can you round up a third?
A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.
                                       —Ecclesiastes 4:12

Today, from the early morn, I was in the presence of my unmasked rangers. With a touch of my trusty six-shooter to my ever-present broad-brimmed hat, I salute you and give you my heart-felt thanks.

Hi-yo Silver, away!

[In all fairness, Tonto actually knew who the Lone Ranger was – John Reid. Reid had saved Tonto’s life as a child and Tonto repaid the favor later in life by saving Reid’s.]


3 responses to “What does the Lone Ranger look like without his mask?

  1. I always wondered how he got away without getting a goofy sun tan line from the mask like we get when we wear shades;)

  2. hey joe,
    did you know that tonto’s son lives in Wilmington?
    I used to go to the same church as him actually…

  3. I will stand ever amazed by the power of God through the prayers of His followers. I am grateful for your ministry! I love you my brother.

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