I am astounded at the number of people, both Christian and non-Christian, who are living in fear.

Today I have an entire day of folks coming in to see me and the base problem of every one of them is fear. They have physical problems, but these problems are based on the fact that they’ve been living in fear for years upon years.

I watch people around me doing life; they never reach their potential because their fears hold them back.

As I was reading this morning, I came across this and this. This fear thing was on my mind when I stumbled upon these passages. They forced me to ask: What does it take to make it real? What would you give to have freedom from fear? Is it possible?

This is the cream between the chocolate cookies of life. It is real, it is attainable, it is not only possible but available.

Whacha think?


3 responses to “Fear

  1. We live like we are still in bondage, and I think when we live in that fear we belittle the cross. The enemy has been defeated. Yet, we still cling to those chains that Christ has freed us from. We are afraid to be BOLD, we are afraid of a great and promised, FULL life. We settle for those comfortable chains. It does prevent us from being real, real in Jesus Christ. I sit and wonder to myself what COULD be. We need to stop living this life as if Jesus hasn’t done anything! As if we are lost, being thrown about in the sea by the waves. As the word says it was for FREEDOM that Christ HAS set us FREE. Yet, we still live this “American Dream”. It truly does make me sick to my stomach.

  2. Yur jest sayin that cuz yer readin The Message. the kang james bible seys rhat you shud fear God, God made evrthang, god made the bullies, thairfor you shud fear the bullies to. i think…

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