Dan ‘n Ann

Sometimes I am inspired by people I’ve never met.

This weekend was one of those times.

I met Dan and Ann in Fort Worth on Sunday. Dan and Ann are both 75 years old. They’ve just sold every single thing they own, reduced their entire belongings to six suitcases, boarded a plane and flew to Romania to live the rest of their lives serving Jesus.


Neither he nor Ann speak the language but have the opportunity to work with an organization called Let’s Start Talking. LST teaches English to nationals via the Bible. They are in big demand because they are native English speakers. Ann is a therapist and is in demand by physicians and therapists in Romania

All of that is enough to wow the senses. But here is the amazing part: Dan has Parkinson’s and just had a large cancerous tumor removed from his leg in March. His time is limited; yet he feels an overwhelming desire to help those who don’t know Jesus.

Additionally, their children are absolutely opposed to their going and refused to even say goodbye to them. Knowing that their father was incapable of lifting the suitcases they were carrying, the children still refused to even help carry their bags to the airport. They skipped church on Sunday so they would not be present at the service that honored their parents for what they were doing. Both Dan and Ann were heartbroken. It was all Ann could do when when we dropped them off at the airport to not cry because her daughters were not present.

But that wasn’t enough to stop them. They boarded the plane and are now in Romania.

Heroes. That is the word that comes to mind, heroes of the faith.


4 responses to “Dan ‘n Ann

  1. patrickandchristy

    Thank you Joe for that testimony. Man, what a reward awaits them in Heaven. The angels are gonna be “boogie’n down” when they walk through those pearly gates.

  2. I am speechless! There is nothing that I could even attempt to say that could describe how awestruck I am by the story of these giants of the faith. All I can say is thank you Joe for sharing it. I pray that God will break the hardened hearts of those children and grant them a measure of grace. My prayers are with them……..heroes huh? Yep. Heroes. Heroes.

  3. What a way to spend you final days! Did you take note Joe :-D!! lol

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